What's New
  • 23rd May 2008 : NeedleSearch 3.5 released
  • 22nd Jan 2006 : NeedleSearch 3.1.2 released
  • 30th Dec 2005 : NeedleSearch 3.1 released
  • 16th Sep 2005 : NeedleSearch 3.0 released
  • 10th Sep 2005 : NeedleSearch 2.8.1 released
  • 8th Sep 2005 : NeedleSearch 2.8 released
  • 28th Oct 2002 : NeedleSearch 1.0 released

The NeedleSearch toolbar lets you bookmark search engines. Not only can NeedleSearch handle all search engines, the toolbar contains a handy auto-add button that enables everybody to bookmark search engines. Look at the help page for more information on how to use this.

The idea behind this toolbar is to bring back all the different search engine toolbars that are available to only 1. And as a bonus: you can add search engines that don't even provide an installable search engine!

The NeedleSearch Toolbar is an invention of

Key features of the NeedleSearch Toolbar

  1. Bookmark the search engines of your choice
    With the help of the Auto-Add functionality anybody can add his or her any search engine they want on the spot
  2. Multifield Search
    With some search engines like phone directories it is more practical to be able to launch a search with multiple search fields (i.e. name and city) You can do this with Multifield Search
  3. Context Menu Search
    In the editor that comes with the application you can choose which search engines you would like to have in the context menu of your browser.
  4. Import & Export
    To backup your bookmarked search engines you can use the import & export functionality in the NeedleSearch editor.

The needlesearch project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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